Apps/Videogame Development

BizN offers the development of customized mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc), PC and consoles Apps/Videogame. BizN has also the know-how and experience to develop Serious Games (link to definition), Advertising & Marketing Apps to convey promotional campaign messages and unconventional Edutainment (=Educational + Entertainment) services where fun and learning are melted together.

Our Apps/Videogame Development Services are:

         D001-Mobile-App-Development                     D002-Mobile-PC-Videogame                         D003-ADV-MKTG-Videogame

     Apps Development             Videogame (Mobile/PC) Dev.               ADV/MKTG Videogame Dev.


     Edutainment Services


Our solutions are custom-based in terms to be effective on the client’s needs.

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